Ferry Boat Carrying 350 people stranded off the coast of Split Croatia – Rescue Underway

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The ferry boat Aurelia has been drifting on the Adriatic Sea with 350 passengers onboard.


The boat is run by the Italian firm SNAV.

According to local news reports the boat departed Ancona Italy during the overnight hours and was scheduled to arrive in Split, Croatia Thursday morning.

According to SNAV, “Mechanics on board are doing everything to fix the problem.

Where the boat is drifting

aurelia near kornatia

David Radas,  spokesperson from the Ministry of Sea Transport in Croatia told news outlets “2 tug boats were sent to help the stranded vessel, but due to strong winds, the tug boats were forced to return back to their port of origin.”

Mr. Radas added, ” whirlwinds are blowing and waves are 5 meters high.”

Mr. Radas went on to say ” Another boat was sent out late on Thursday, but conditions are still difficult.”

“The ferry boat and tugboats should meet somewhere 2 or 3 nautical miles from the Kornati Islands in Croatia, or parallel to it.”

tug boat approaching Aurelia.jpg
Source: Slobodna Dalmacija

“I cannot say when that will happen. It depends on the changing sea conditions.”

Janja Pazanin, who is on board the boat Aurelia told Croatia news agency HRT, “everyone is happy. The ferry sails slowly but the passengers are patient.”

The latest news to come out of Croatia : Ferry boat should arrive safely in Split after 10am Friday morning. 

Mara Vranješ

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