Haunted, Cursed or Just Coincidence? What Happened After I Left The Island of Daksa

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This post is long overdue. I have started and re-started this post countless times. I just don’t know where to begin. How can I convey what happened in a short post (because no one really reads anymore)?

The harder question for me is…am I to blame for what happened?

If you read my post, Daksa Island- Locals have a rule- Stay Away, It’s Haunted, then this article will make perfect sense.

If not, keep reading because it’s still a damn good post.

Okay so let’s do a quick re-cap.

  • I went to an Island where people were murdered, and mass graves were discovered.
  • Before I step foot on the island, my boat captain warns me of cursing the crew.
  • I find 2 artifacts that looked interesting and put them in my bag.
  • I end up with 3 scratches on my back.

It would be great if the story ended here. But it doesn’t.

Instead a series of misfortune and WTF moments happen for 4 days until the Yacht is blessed with Holy Water.

The Aftermath………………. Day 1

I made my way from the Island back onto the Water Polo Cruise boat. We pull anchor and start cruising towards Dubrovnik.

10 minutes into sailing we are in a near collision with another boat. This is something that NEVER happens. Steve Tenaglia a guest on our boat captured this near miss on video. Once I get the clip from him I will post it.

An hour later everyone gathers in the Yacht’s Dining Room. Stefani and Mateo’s daughter KJ is celebrating her birthday.

Birthday on board the yacht. Mateo standing in the center of the photo
Stefani is sitting at the edge of the bench as the kids gather around singing Happy Birthday.

Look at the second picture closely. Notice how Stefani and the girls are barefoot. A moment later Stefani is stung by a wasp on her foot. More precisely, right smack between her big toe and second toe.

I didn’t think to take a picture of her sting. I was too busy treating it with Ointment for insect bites and bees stings.

Stefani, returns the favor by putting ointment on my back where 3 scratches randomly appeared.

daksa scratch 2
Close up of the scrathes
daksa scratch 1
Scratches on my back 

The pictures of the scratches were taken at separate times.  The 2nd photo was taken 2 hours later in Dubrovnik. Notice how the scratch appears to be getting bigger in the 2nd photo.

From Dubrovnik, we boarded a privately charted bus and headed to Mlini, for a water polo game. Everything seemed perfect.


The charted bus came to pick us up at 10pm. I’m sitting with my husband and kids on the bus, when  I hear Stefani calling for me. Someone is hurt.

Davis, one of the boys from our group has stepped on a sea urchin.

As soon as we make it back to the boat, I started to treat his foot and began removing the needles.

Davis foot sea urchin
Davis’s Foot after stepping on a sea urchin. Photo: Lorraine Wilson took this picture.


Davis Foot sea urchin 2
Me removing the needles from Davis’ foot. Lorraine Wilson took these pictures. 

I spent the next 3 days treating his foot and removed roughly 50 needles.

Things continued to get weird.  A full 24 hours has passed since I was on Daksa, and brought the artifacts on board.

Steve Tenaglia is teasing me that I have cursed us all and that my bones are haunted. (Yup, that’s totally what it is. I have some dead person’s bones and now they are after me.)

One of the crew members pulls me aside and informs me that we have taken on board a stowaway.

What the hell?


Turns out, she is a young Australian in her late 20’s who has partied a bit too much. She doesn’t know how she got onto our boat, or the name of her boat for that matter.

To make it more interesting, she’s also in need of some clothes. She’s wearing men’s boxer shorts and some handkerchief that been transformed into a top.

She might as well be on the survival show Naked and Afraid.

I gave her some of my clothes and a brand new bikini I didn’t even get a chance to wear yet!

The Captain was able to locate her vessel and made arrangements for her to ferry from Korčula (our next stop) back to her boat.

Lorraine (Center) Tiffany (Right) Mara (Left). These 2 lovely ladies were great. Wine tasting on Korcula never felt or tasted better.

All kidding aside, I was seriously bummed about my bikini. The Boat Captain Jakov, said it was only fair that I lost something for cursing us.

Haha, not funny and not true. Curses are not real.

48 Hours have passed, and things are good. That is of course until I feel a tap on my shoulder.

One of the crew has some thin piece of metal stuck in his finger. Another person has stepped on broken glass, and yet a third has something else stuck in their foot.

OMG, what is happening?

72 Hours later we are in Omiš. It doesn’t take long for the black cloud of bad luck to rear its head.

A water polo player gets stung by a bee on his lip. Random, but ok. No allergies so no cause for panic.

Wait for it. 

A second water polo player gets stung. This time it’s his tongue and he is allergic!

I rush him to the ER. He is treated immediately and released 2 hours later.

96 Hours Later we are in Split.

The Captain point-blank tells me I need to bring Holy Water to bless the boat before something else bad happens.

Too late. NJ – Stefani’s son has cut his toe.


image-0-02-01-16f16b33fcb4e3bd4d8018f5402699110475949f7ec43bc1f9f80c87cf62db8c-V (1)
Yikes, that cut was nasty.  
image-0-02-01-6f45b05727ab661f1c71f923fa715fcc29be58dbde4bde24111cc33e02b29543-V (1)
Finally got the bleeding to stop. Poor kid. 

Okay, enough is enough. Thankfully Croatia is a predominately Catholic country and almost everyone keeps holy water at home. Myself included.

Once the boat was blessed everything stopped. Nothing bad or random ever happened.

That isn’t to say it has stopped for me or my family. I still have the artifacts/ bones in my possession.

I’m skeptical to blame it all on the paranormal.

As Roman Catholics, we reached out to the Church. A close friend of mine is a Priest. He did come and bless our home multiple times. With every blessing the home becomes more peaceful.

I plan on returning to Daksa this summer.  I am also planning on returning to the Island of Jakljan.

Mara Vranjes



  1. I found your post very very interesting. I am here on holiday and am also getting a huge pull from that island..

    Neither my husband or my teenage kids will come with me to see it and so far I haven’t asked our hotel on Sipan about finding someone to take me. I’m a little nervous of going completely on my own though…. too many stories.

    Liked by 1 person

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