Island Of Brač Abandoned Submarine Shelters

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Josip Broz Tito ruled Yugoslavia as a Dictator. Tito commissioned The Yugoslavian Communist Army to build 3 Tunnels and Submarine Shelters on the Island Brač  during WW2. The Shelters were abandoned in the 1990’s.

The 3 Submarine Shelter Tunnels are:

  •  Maslinovo ( Bay of Olive)
  •  Smrka (Bay of Death)
  •  Kruščica (Bay of Pear)


Josip Broz Tito, Stock Image
Josip Brzo Tito. Stock Image

The entrances to the Submarine shelters and Tunnels were strategically placed, and well hidden.

It’s easy to imagine how vulnerable smaller naval vessals and submarines would have been had the shelters been anywhere else.

Using the natural landscape provided safe harbor from ariel scouting missions, or bombing raids.

brac bunker 2
Camouflage Entrance to 1 of 3 Submarine Shelters. You can drop anchor and swim inside. Source: Water Polo Cruise
brac bunker 1
Creepy yet inviting. Source:Water Polo Cruise

brac bunker 4

Look at how well preserved these structures are.

brac bunker 3

The first time we visited was in 2008. I wish I had more free hands to take more pictures.

heading to brac

Crazy to think how little they were; even crazier that we have 3 little monsters. Where has the time gone?

brac with kids and cousins

We took the Ferry Boat and drove the car onboard. It gave us some freedom to get around. Unfortunately we just couldn’t see everything in one day.

driving car onto the boat

Luckily I get to go to Brač every summer once a week with the Water Polo Cruise.

ivo i ja na brac


I plan on spending some extra time this summer visiting the rest of the military submarine shelters.

Mara Vranjes


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