Explore An Abandoned Submarine Pen On The Island of Vis, Croatia.

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The Island of Vis in Croatia is the farthest inhabited island on the Adriatic Sea.

Apart from the natural beauty and its famous Blue Cave, the Island is also known for its military history.

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Day Trip to Vis.


During WW2 the island of Vis became a strategic military base.

Tunnels and bunkers were carved into hillsides. Airfields were stripped into the landscape, while a submarine pen greets the Adriatic Sea.

vis sub 1
Entrance to Submarine Pen on the Island of Vis, Croatia.
vis sub 4
Image: atlasobscura.com

In 1989 the military bases were abandoned.

Today the remnants of these WW2 era bunkers, and tunnels have become a tourist attraction.

vis sub 2
Vis Tunnels. Image: 28dayslater.co.uk
vis sub 3
Vis Tunnels. Image: 28dayslater.co.uk
vis sub 6
Vis Tunnels. Image: 28dayslater.co.uk
vis sub 5
View from inside the submarine pen.

You can take a Military tour to explore the network of secret underground tunnels, empty barracks and dry docks. 

Definite must see !

Bunker above Komiže, Vis. Image: alternatura.hr
Bunker above Komiže, on the Island of Vis. Image: Alternatura.hr

The most comprehensive tour I’ve seen is with Alternatura.hr.

Vis day trip was awesome. Kiki laughs as I wave goodbye. 
Mara Vranjes

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