1st thing a hairstylist notices when you walk into the salon

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I’ve always wondered what my hair dresser notices when I come in for my appointment. Does my hair look messy, frizzy, too dry or too oily? Is it my mascara that may have smudged at some point during the day? Maybe it’s my outfit? Maybe it’s the sweat glowing across my face because I ride my skateboard to the hair salon?

Me on my board. Hair’s a mess, but who cares. I’m off to get it done.

Nope. None of the above. Ashely Sheibe, from Spectrum Hair laughed when I asked her if my guess’ were correct.

Ashley Sheibe

“The first thing we notice is your hair. We can tell if you’ve been getting your hair done professionally or not. It’s so obvious to tell if you’ve been getting your hair colored professionally or if you’ve been using box dye.”

Ashley’s advice is simple. “For best results, be honest about what you have and haven’t done to your hair.”

I like it. Simple and straight forward.

I’m tempted to wear my hair up and tucked under a beanie the next time I skate over to see Ashley. Or maybe she’ll read this post, and see what happens when I leave her chair and go skating with the kids in the rain.

Sorry Ashley, but it’s kinda your fault. My hair looked so great that I had to go out and show it off with the kids. In my defense, I wasn’t expecting it to start raining.

Check back tomorrow for my post on current hair trends. Ashley has been pretty cool in letting me pick her brain about hair stuff. I don’t want to get fired from being her customer so I’ll give her a break for now.

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To learn more about Ashley Sheibe follow my blog. To schedule an appointment with Ashley call Spectrum Hair at (714) 898-4247

Mara Vranjes

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