Red Carpet Movie Premiere – The Eighth Commissioner

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It’s Oscar season, and I was lucky enough to attend a Red Carpet Movie Premiere of a Croatian Oscar Nominated film, The Eighth Commissioner (Osmi Povjerenik)

Omg, it was so cool to be apart of something so “Hollywood”. This is so outside my element. I’m a dork, this stuff doesn’t happen to me.

Me, Ivan Summer and Vin Red Carpet
From Left: My Husband Ivan, Me and our friends Summer and Vinny on the red carpet !
Me and Sum at the Egyptian Theatre
Me and Summer looking pretty fly. 
Me and a movie star holy crap
Me and Nada Cvitanović (Lead Actress) !! Wth this is crazy. 
Me, Tonino, and Sum..omg.
From Left: Me, Borko Perić (Lead Actor) and Summer. OMG this is so cool. 

I had a blast. I loved the movie, and the overall experience of being a part of something so surreal.

I totally recommend the watching the movie.

Watch the official movie trailer. If you have seen the movie, share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Mara Vranjes

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