Top 10 Things to do in Split, Croatia with Kids

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” It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows.” – Epictetus

Here is a list of fun things to do with your family in Split, Croatia. Make it a game to see how much you can see or do during your stay.

  1. Wibit – This is a floating island of fun. Consider it an aquatic playground with  inflatable slides, obstacles, rope climbs, and more. Most main beaches feature a Wibit, and every one is different from the other.
    wibit 1
    Center: The kids and I make our way back to shore after playing on Wibit

    wibit 2wibit 3wibit 4

  2. Submarine Ride– This submarine is perfect to experience sea life in the crystal clear waters of Croatia. It’s a short ride, but kids love it. If you happen to find yourself sea sick, you can stay atop the sub. It only partially submerges.

    sub ride split
    My older 2 strike a pose before we board. 

3. Live MuseumIt’s story telling with Actor’s about the history of Split. I thought it was going to be lame and that my kids would lose interest. They loved it. You can catch the show just outside of Diocletian’s Palace.

live museum split. 2
I was worried the kids would start bugging, so I tried to stay near the back.
live museum split
The Actors were cool enough to take a photo with us. They even let my youngest hold the sword. 

4. Beach- OMG it’s a no brainer. The beaches in Croatia are world famous for the pristine waters. I pretty much live their all summer long.  Check out my post Chasing Fish Like A Mermaid to see videos and pictures  I took of Croatia’s Adriatic Sea.

zvone i ja na posk
Zvone and I on a beach in Split, Croatia
White Sea Bass swimming just beneath my feet. Crazy !
stacy and i on the beach
Stacey and I enjoying Cocktails on the Beach. 

5. Walk Diocletian’s Palace. – It’s the heart of the city. Hard to miss, and a definite must see. To learn more about Diocletian read my post The Journey Begins. 

bronze map of split water polo cruise
Source: Water Polo Cruise. Bronze Map of Split
Split at Night. I love this place. 

6. River Rafting– Just outside of Split is the City of Omiš. They offer River rafting on the Cetina River. To learn more about River Rafting, read my post Omiš ; Ahoy, me hearties.

river rafting.omis
Ivan Vranjes and Mateo Juric having fun rafting. Water Polo Cruise.

7. Zip Lining– Another great adventure and exciting way to see Croatia in the City of Omiš. To learn more about Zip Lining read my post Omiš ; Ahoy, me hearties or check out videos I have posted on my Instagram page.

zipline omis 3
Me on the first course

8. Paddleboarding – You can rent these at most of the main beaches in Split. My kids and I love to paddleboard. It’s a great way to venture off and take in some sun and sea.

me paddle boarding
I could spend the whole day on this board.

9. Picigin– This is a game played on sandy shallow water beaches. (Bačvice is my preferred beach to play.) The object of the game is to keep a small rubber ball from touching the water. This game is addicting !

picigin 2
The guy on the top frame is a famous singer, Goran Karan. I was so excited to play with him and his friends. 

10. Get on a Boat – You can do day cruise’s or island hopping. It’s a perfect way to spend a day visiting different islands, and tourist sites.

The better option is to spend a week on a private chartered yacht. It’s more affordable than you might think. Check out Water Polo Cruise to learn more.

My little Kiki, keeping an eye on the Water Polo Cruise Boat. 
Mara Vranjes

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