Office Chair Bowling- Great stress relief

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Working in an office can get redundant and boring. Thankfully, I work with my family so when the goofy mood strikes, I like to play a game I invented. Office Chair Bowling.

The rules of the game are simple.

  1. Find someone dumb enough to sit in a rolling office chair.
  2. Find an open space, and place cardboard boxes as bowling pins.
  3. Launch the chair toward the boxes

I took great pleasure in filming the Office Chair Bowling Game, for you my dear readers.


Round 1: Ante almost gets a strike

Round 2: Ante gets a strike.

After round 2 we had to stop. I was worried we would break the roll up warehouse door. Safety also became a mild concern.  My brother and I came up with some Prototype safety precautions.

My brother shrink wrapped my little Kiki. Safety Prototype Fail. 
kata safety first
My Sister Kata wearing a Helmet. Safety Prototype Fail.

So it appears as if we still have some work to do in the safety department.

Until then, it’s Game On !

Mara Vranjes

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