List of 5 Awful Gifts to avoid for Valentine’s or ever

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Gift giving can be challenging and at times daunting. In my family we have a birthday at the very least once a week starting October 31st and ending on December 30th. It’s downright exhausting!

My creative genius dries up after Christmas, and yet somehow, I’ve never reached such a low state of desperation to find myself enticed me to buy any of the gifts listed below. (Sadly, I have been the recipient of a few of these awful gifts.)  These gifts are really awful, save your money.

  1. Shower Feet – Hands free foot scrubber that suctions to your tub or shower. My Husband bought a version of these a few years back. He found it inside RiteAid, probably in the clearance section for 75% off, next to the other junk no one wants to buy.
It’s like A toothbrush for your feet that everyone can share. 

shower-feet-hands-free-foot-scrubber-suctions-to-your-tub-thumbValentine’s Gift 2015 courtesy of my husband. Fail.

2. Personalized Coffee Mug You’ve Been Poisoned. Do I really need to explain why this is not a good gift? Skip the candy hearts with the cheesy BMine and this mug.

So much for love notes. 

3. Screened in Chair Tent – A screened in chair that protects you from bugs and gives you shade.

Is it me, or does this look like a jail cell? This just screams anti-social to me.

It should come with a prop up sign that reads “I don’t like people, please don’t approach me.”  This is wrong on so many levels.

Why is this woman smiling? She has no leg room! 

4. Zombie Feet Sandals –  These sandals are made to look like a zombie wearing sandals. Just to clarify, these sandals have stubbed, bloody, battered toes for a more authentic look.

I had to take a double look the first time I saw these, because I thought it was a public health notice for some infectious foot disease.

Don’t buy or wear these, people may have a sudden urge to vomit on your feet.

Great for those who have feet that look worse than the sandals.
Disclaimer: Not intended for running, just a slow steady zombie stroll. At least, that’s what I would say if I were selling these. 

5. Handerpants – Fingerless gloves that are pants for your hands. Stylish for any occasion. Stop worrying about feeling so naked under your regular gloves with the Handerpants.

“Phew, I’m so grateful for the makers of Handerpants, because I really did feel naked under my gloves”, said No One Ever.

hand underpants
What do you suppose these look like after eating some chocolate? 

For any of you who doubt the validity of these gifts, check out Amazon.

For the rest of you looking for better gifts to buy also check out Amazon.

I feel like I’m doing a great injustice here by leaving out another awful gift my husband bought for me. Let’s call it the Honorable Mention Awful Gift

Anti Wrinkle Cream – The first Christmas while dating, my husband bought me anti wrinkle cream. It’s what every 24 year old girl dreams of.

It has taken many years and an accumulation of awful gifts for my husband to learn not to shop alone.



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