List of Resolutions people should make but don’t.

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I don’t need the New Year to remind me there are things I could improve upon, or goals that I have failed to reach.

New Year’s resolutions stink.  I’m too practical and old to pretend I’m going to change.

Instead of looking inwards, I’m looking outside.

Here is my realistic and attainable list of resolutions that I’m committing others to. I’m happy with who I am, but I could totally benefit with some improvements in the whole lifestyle department.

# 1. Law of Attraction for the Month of January Only.

Surround myself with people who make me happy in January.

Ulysses, Benjamin and William, we need to hang out more !

If like attracts like, I will be in great company the rest of the year.

money baby
Ulysses $ 50 Bill ; Benjamin $ 100 Bill ; William $ 500 Bill

# 2 Say No

I think the word No was my second word ever spoken, and yet I rarely use it. Instead of over-committing and stressing over crap that doesn’t interest me, I’m busting out the “No” word.



# 3 Exercise the Golden Rule

I give to others but this year I plan on being on the receiving end. I’ve washed enough laundry, scrubbed toilets, washed dishes, spent countless sleepless nights with sick kids, made all the meals, packed all the school lunches, helped with all the weekly homework, listened to parents brag about their kids at awful school functions, and have endured public temper tantrums with the kids…… the list is endless.

I am done being an enabler. I have spoiled my family for too long. Roll up those sleeves, Mama needs to put her feet up.


Mara Vranjes




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