Forget Cupid, all you need is a stone.

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The Red Lake in Imotski ,Croatia is an impressive sinkhole. Ranked as the largest sinkhole in Europe and the 3rd largest in the world.  (Source: Wikipedia Red Lake Croatia)

red lake arial view
Arial view of the Red Lake

We have this local tradition to try to throw a stone into the red lake.

Legend says, if you succeed you will marry soon.

Superstitions aside, how hard can it really be to toss a stone into a lake?

Surprisingly……. it was much more difficult than I thought!

The sloping limestone lined cavity narrows as it approaches the waters surface, making it nearly but not entirely impossible to hit the water.

After many failed attempts, my uncle finally caved and told me the secret to success.

red lake 1
Me throwing a stone into the lake

I don’t remember what he said, I just know it worked.

red lake 2
Success ! Thank You Striko Ivan

Coincidently, 2 years later I met and married my husband.  Maybe there really is some truth to the legend after all. 

My awesome parents on my wedding day
Let's do this

Standing at the Statue of Grgur Nin, we had to rub his big toe for good luck before walking thru the gold gates into Diocletian’s Palace in Split Croatia


Married in the Cathedral of Saint Domnius (Svetog Duje) in Split Croatia


If you ever find yourself in Imotski, stop by the red lake and try your luck.

Word of caution. The lake sits alongside the main road, so exercise caution and safety to avoid getting struck by oncoming traffic.

If anyone else has had luck in love after visiting the red lake, please share your stories in the comments section below.

Coming soon: The Legend behind the creation of the Red and Blue Lakes in Imotski


Mara Vranjes





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