Amethyst Realm, 30 year old Spirit Counselor, is engaged to a ghost.

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30 year old, spiritual counselor, Amethyst Realm plans to marry a ghost and have his baby.

According to the happy Bride-to-be, she met her love while on a working trip in Australia.

Blushing Bride-To-Be. (No offense to the dead who can’t blush) Photo Source: YouTube 
She says; “I was walking through the bush enjoying nature. I suddenly felt this incredible energy. A new lover had arrived.

From experience, I knew spirits tend to stay in one place, but something amazing happened.”

She goes on to say that her Phantom lover followed her as she boarded the plane. She proudly admits that she and her nameless ghost, chose to celebrate in the planes lavatory.

“So we headed to the plane loo and, well, I’m now a member of the Mile High Club.”

I have so many questions.

Could it have been some other spirits on the flight, like the alcoholic variety?

Was is turbulence, or maybe even airplane food that really moved her in the bathroom, and not a ghost?

Ms. Realm announced that after 9 months of dating, her Ghostly Romeo (who I’m going to call The Invisible name)proposed. Is it dating or a haunting ? I’m on the fence.


Ghost crazy girl
Happy Couple. What you can’t see the groom to be? He’s right there, somewhere. 

“There was no going down on one knee, He doesn’t have knees ! (Gee you don’t say) But for the first time I heard him speak.”

“It’s hard to explain but, until  this point, his words were inside my head. But, on that day the words were outside.” 

She says the couple is busy picking out a ring. They will start planning the big day soon.

“I’m hoping it will have an amethyst stone on it; but I’m leaving it to him to decide. After all, he is the one who proposed. It’s his choice.” 

Oh man, the questions…they just keep coming. 

I wonder if she knows it’s her money that he will be using to pay for that ring. Surprise.

When it comes down to the big day, how will guests know if the dude showed up?

What will the groom be wearing to the wedding?

How will the ghost kiss her, when the Minister says ” You may now kiss the bride” ???

If this wasn’t crazy enough for you, Amethyst says she and the Invisible Man want to have kids.

“I’m sure there is a way around it. I just haven’t worked it out.”

Just watch the video to see the full interview. I’m off to have a special meeting with a spirit myself.  I’m thinking bourbon sounds good right about now.


Mara Vranjes

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