Croatian Alphabet-Cheat Sheet

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We’ve all heard how speaking another language has a lot of advantages. I’m not going to bore you with the conventional reason’s why.

I spoke Croatian before learning English. My kids grew up the same way. It’s easy to learn English when you live in America. What’s challenging is retaining the foreign language, especially when you come from a small country that most people haven’t heard of.

The chances of anyone (in public) understanding what I’m saying is pretty slim.

I can tell my son to stop eating boogers without drawing anyone’s attention to his booger eating.

cute kiki
Kiki Crop Dusting. 

My son can tell me he needs to fart (or he’s already done it, and is claiming ownership).

stinky fart 2
Kiki blasted

My daughter can tell me that her brother wiped the booger on her shirt, while the other brother is trying not to pee himself laughing….and of course, one of the boys farted.

Antonela gross bros
Poor baby girl. Boys are gross sometimes.

You get the picture. Special moments like these, make me happy I speak Croatian.

Thankfully my kids don’t read my blog, or anyone else for that matter, so I don’t need to worry about embarrassing them. 

ante cuteso
Mom don’t embarrass me… I’m a Pre-teen. 

People never assume I’m any different from them until I start talking in Croatian.

Usually the questions go like this:

Them: What Language are you speaking?ask-blackboard-356079

Me: Croatian.

Them: Croatia? Is that in (either) Asia, Russia, South America, or near Indonesia?

Me: Europe.

Them: Wow, Europe! What language do you speak?

Me: Croatian. 

Be honest, if you had to point to Croatia on the map could you?

blue plastic frame desk globe
Photo by Pixabay on

It’s ok, I’m not some expert in Geography myself.

The Opening Ceremony of the Olympics, is secretly becoming my nemesis. I hate watching it with the kids. The barrage of questioning is brutal. It’s like the Spanish inquisition.

What country is that flag from? – Do I look like Google, is what I want to say. Instead I pretend like I wasn’t watching and tell them to ask their father.

Have you noticed how similar some countries flags are? Seriously. Just look at Indonesia and Poland. Chad and Romania. Ireland and Ivory Coast. Ecuador and Armenia.

Great, now I’m distracted. Ok, back to speaking Croatian.

I have put together a Croatian Alphabet Cheat Sheet, for English speakers. It’s a free pdf file I am sharing with you. With any language the first thing learned is the alphabet and the phonetic sounds. Click Croatian Alphabet Pronunciation for the file, or go to my resources tab and get it there.

Coming soon: Croatian Basic Phrase Cheat Sheet. Anyone traveling to Croatia, or going on the Water Polo Cruise will find that very helpful.  Follow my blog for updates.


Mara Vranjes

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