Wine Tasting in Korcula

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I can’t think of a better way to convey wine tasting on the Island of Korcula, than with a video.

korcula wine video pic
CLICK HERE TO PLAY VIDEO – Korcula Wine Tasting


The Island of Korcula is quickly becoming one of my favorite places to visit. Rich history, bold explorers, and delicious wines, what more could I ask for? 

Korcula, known as the “Island of White Wine”, deserves recognition when it comes to white wine.  Two of its famous wines are:

Grk: White Grape grown only on Korcula in the town of Lumbarda. The reason for this is the sandy soil. During the Great Phylloxera Plague, the sandy soil protected the vines from these insects. Few Vineyards throughout Europe which were unscathed, still exist as they were before the phylloxera devastation. Grk is the same wine that it was 4,000 years ago when the Greeks brought it to Korcula.

neno korcula
Neno, Our Sommelier
sandy vineyard
Sandy Vineyard on Korcula, protected from the Aphid Phylloxera


People didn’t know about Grk, because it was consumed only on the island, and only by the people who grew and produced the wine. This wine was considered very valuable. It’s alcohol volume originally was 16-18%. The grapes produced a wine that was bittersweet, hence the name Grk. Families used this wine on special occasions, and as a form of payment to Doctors, Lawyers and Priests.

In the 1960’s Grk Winemakers decreased the alcohol content and started producing the wine for commercial consumption. 

Grk Vino
Grk Vino,- One of many we enjoyed wine tasting.

Pošip: Discovered by a wine maker Radovic.  One day when Radovic was clearing his fields he discovered a grape that was growing on a pomegranate tree. He decided that he was going to exclusively grow this on his vineyard. The name Pošip comes from “Po”- Croatian for On and “Šipak”- Croatian for Pomegranate. Pošip is the son of Cetinka and Zlatarica.

Posip wine with a view of the vineyard in the background.
more posip 2
The food and the wine pair so perfectly.

Who knew 4,000 year old grape vines could taste so good! We brought some wine home, and saved it for an occasion worthy of celebrating….First Day of School !!!!

Celebrating the kids 1st Day of School.

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Mara Vranjes

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