Scary Story based on Real Events. Jure Grando Alilovic

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Nothing makes a story scarier, than one that is based on real events. The story of Jure Grando Alilovic, is common knowledge in our house. It’s a story my kids have heard me tell and re-tell.

The account of Jure’s death and “vampire” life were first written and recorded in 1689. 

In the spirit of Halloween, here is the story as I tell it to my kids.

There once was a man named Jure Grando Allilovic who lived in Kringa. He  wasn’t really liked by people in town. At the age of 77 he dies and is buried in the town cemetery.

Town of Kringa, Near Istria

Soon after his death, people in the village began reporting seeing Jure wandering the streets.  The local priest started receiving people who would come to him scared, claiming that Jure was alive and knocking on their doors.

Any person who got a knock on their door from Jure would die days later.

One night the Priest is praying, asking for God’s help to remove the evil from the town, when Jure appears before him. The priest grabs his cross, holds it before Jure, and starts praying.  Jure  begins to back away at the sight of the cross and before disappearing, he shows his vampire sharp teeth to the priest.

Jure continued to haunt the village night after night for 16 years. Many people would eventually move out of town, leaving only a small number of people left living in Kringa.

The remaining locals urged the priest to do something. Prayers alone were not strong enough to defeat the vampire.

One day, The Priest, along with  nine of the bravest men decided to try and kill the vampire. The plan was to go to the cemetery, open the tomb and stab Jure’s body with a wooden stake in the heart.

When they got to the cemetery and opened the coffin, the men saw a rosy cheeked man laying with a big grin on his face. One of the men tried to stab Jure in the chest, but the dead man’s creepy smile and life like appearance scared him.  All the men fled in fear.

The priest once more gathered the nine men and headed back to the grave.

Standing over the open grave, holding a crucifix, the priest prays for the village’s deliverance.

Once again, they tried to pierce Jure’s dead body but the stake kept bouncing off the hard skin.

Finally, one of the villagers chopped off Jure’s head with a hatchet, and the grave quickly filled with  the dead mans blood.

From that day forward Jure’s reign of terror ended, and the people were freed from the vampire.

Today ask any local in Kringa if they believe in monsters and they will tell you vampires exist. 

kringa plaque
Plaque commemorating the hero’s who defeated the Vampire.


The story I share with my kids is based on tales I have heard throughout the years. I make no claims, or assurances that my tale is historically accurate. It’s a scary story not a history report. 

If you want to know more about the story of Jure Grando and some historical facts check out:

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Croatian Dracula


Mara Vranjes


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