Customizable Wine Boxes, Great Gift Idea

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It’s October, and yet I am already getting gift catalogs in the mail. Target’s Holiday gift guide arrived yesterday. My kids got busy circling all the toys they are hoping Saint Nicolas brings them.

target 1
The 2018 Holiday gift guide…and YES my kids colored the bullseye.

(I shouldn’t be surprised, after all Costco has had Christmas Trees in its warehouse for weeks now. )

Last night, after the kids went to sleep I started thinking about holiday shopping.

When to buy, for who to buy , what to buy and how much to spend ?

OMG, I just got sucked in by the Target mailer! Dang it.

I look over at my husband who is happily enjoying a glass of red wine.

My initial thought was, Yes, pour me one too, it looks good…….but so does the box it came in. Then it hits me, I know what I’m doing for gifts this year for the wine lovers in my life. 

Custom wooden wine boxes.- $ 8.99 Woodenize Hallo Wine Box
Custom Wooden Wine Box $ 8.99 – Woodenize Custom Halloween Box

These boxes are the perfect way to dress up a wine bottle. Made from wood, Eco Friendly, Reusable, 100% customizable and Collapsible for easy storage.

Customizable Wine Boxes.-Starting at $ 10.00- Wine Box
Custom Coasters- $ 19.99- Woodenize

Not only do these boxes look great, they are sturdy. Paper wine bags rip, the handles fall apart, and almost always get tossed away. These boxes can carry any wine without fear of breaking. The unique design of these boxes keeps bottles from rolling around.

assembly of bozes
Box Assembly

My husband made this wine box, which I took to my Grandpa over the summer.  He loved it!  If I can get his approval, maybe it’s time to share this with the rest of the world.

BOx laying down
Box keeps wine from rolling. Grandpa tested and approved. Woodenize USA

It was exciting to see these boxes on the Water Polo Cruise. Ivan did a great job making these as promtional gifts for the Water Polo Cruise. 

waterpolocruise wine box
Water Polo Cruise Custom Promotional Wine Box. Woodenize. Photo: Woodenize USA

To learn more about the wine boxes and to order yours today visit Woodenize.


Mara Vranjes



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