Chasing fish like a mermaid

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The Adriatic Sea is my favorite place in the world to go ; swimming, diving and snorkeling. The waters are warm, salty, and full of life.

Croatia’s pristine water makes it easy to capture sea life on video. With my long blonde mermaid hair, I’m surprised I didn’t actually snag a few fish. Check out the short clips below to see what’s swimming in the water’s of Croatia. These clips were taken during a swim stop on the Water Polo Cruise.

Video 1: I’m trying to chase the white sea bass and catch one with my hand. Sea Urchins, schools of fish and me making a fool of myself. My husband took the video so I could pretend I was Jacques Cousteau.


Video 2:  White sea bass, Sea Urchins, sea grass and sea cucumbers 


Video 3: Surprise, its a jelly fish! I would cuddle it, if only it didn’t hurt. 

If you enjoyed the videos please let me know. To learn more about the cruise check out Water Polo Cruise. It’s more than just water polo.

To see more videos about the swim stops check out this little video. Swim Stop Fun

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