Water Polo Cruise and 4 Beach Bars

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Water Polo Cruise is no stranger to organizing games and matches. The duo Ivan Vranjes and Mateo Juric have been putting local events together in Croatia since they started their water polo cruise company in 2014.

ivan and teo in wpc speedos
Ivan Vranjes (Black Suit) and Mateo Juric (White Suit)

The first event was such a success, national television crews came out to capture the fun and interview players, spectators and the organizers themselves. You can check out the video here. Water Polo Cruise on TV

The most recent tournament brought both former professional water polo players and players of every level to compete in friendly matches. 4 local beach bars (Cool, Plan B, Rosa Negra and Sunset) joined in as sponsors to promote the event. Teams competed under the names of those sponsors, in weather that could have been better.

group photo in wpc shirts and speedos
Proudly Wearing Water Polo Cruise Shirts before the games begin are Myself with my youngest son, Mateo Juric, and the Beach Bar Owners.
silly boys
Team Cool. Silly boys.
me and the kids on znjan
Nothing like having the kids pile on my paddleboard. Check out Ivan in the goal post. 


A storm front was quickly approaching the beach. With dark skies and rough seas, the games went on. Mother nature eventually won out in the end. I captured an amazing shot of lightening striking in the background of the playing field.

me on znjan
The moment I’m taking pictures of the storm approaching. Courtesy of Dalmatinski Portal Newspaper.
4 kafici teren na znjan
Perfectly timed shot, capturing lightening!

With no official victor crowned, players, spectators, family and friends gathered at Beach Bar Cool. The 4 beach bar sponsors surprised everyone by hosting a free BBQ. What an incredible way to end a thrilling day.

game over
Game over. Time to get indoors and enjoy some food.

Taking part in an event that brings local communities together is so rewarding. Tourists were especially grateful, many who had never seen an event like this. Pat yourself on the back boys, you did a great job.

With such great results and positive reviews, it seemed only natural to start planning for next year. Water Polo Cruise and Café Bar Cool have officially announced plans for another tournament in 2019. While they didn’t reveal when and where in Croatia, they did say it was going to be bigger and better than 2018.

Check out Water Polo Cruise Shop  to pick up suits, and shirts.

me in the h20 shirt
I love this shirt. It’s comfy, fits well, and the design is great. 

To read more and see out other great photos of the event from 2018 check out the article written in the local paper by Dalmatinski Portal Vaterpolo

Mara Vranjes

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